Land Art Generator
STEAM Workshops

According to a recent report highlighted by the World Economic Forum*, as automation continues to change the workplace, the highest valued skills are increasingly dominated by creativity, critical thinking, complex problem solving, cognitive flexibility, and emotional intelligence—all qualities that require the arts to be integrally interwoven into the fabric of our lives.

Providing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) education to youth using the arts as the delivery vehicle is an engaging way to instill an early interest in the scientific method, provide useful technical skills, and introduce systems thinking. Project based learning can help students think creatively about design challenges in order to find innovative solutions.

Entering a world already grappling with the issue of climate change, the high school students of today will be leading the design of our energy solutions of tomorrow. We want to nurture a global community of young people equipped to design our new energy landscapes. The process of imagining renewable energy as artwork for public spaces is a great way to inspire young people to want to learn more about energy science and engineering.


Contact our team if you would like to schedule a workshop opportunity. We can visit in person or Skype into your classroom. We are also happy to make our materials available to teachers anywhere in the world on request.


* Joe Myers, “What New Jobs Will Exist in 2035?” (World Economic Forum, February

29, 2016).

The online article cites: Stefan Hajkowicz, Andrew Reeson, Lachlan Rudd, Alexandra Bratanova, Leonie Hodgers, Claire Mason, and Naomi Boughen, “Tomorrow’s Digitally Enabled Workforce,” (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, January 2016).


The Land Art Generator is building a global community of young people who are inspired and equipped to design the landscape of our clean energy future.