We invite you to design a unique work of art that uses renewable energy technology to support sustainable human thriving, supplying clean megawatt-hours to the City of Mannheim

LAGI 2022 Mannheim Partner

BUGA 23 (Bundesgartenschau) will take place in Mannheim, Germany from April 2023 – October 2023.

The Federal Garden Show—BUGA for short—refers to the horticultural exhibition itself, which has been held every two years in various cities in Germany since 1951. At the same time, the BUGA is also a planning process for open spaces, green and urban development that lasts for several years. Since the 2000s, fallow land or former industrial landscapes have been transformed into new local recreation areas through conversion measures in relation to the conversion areas and renaturation. The resulting sports, games and leisure activities support regional structural change, urban and regional development and improve our quality of life in the long term. For the realization of the green corridor northeast, which is of great importance for the climate of the city as well as for living and recreation in Mannheim.

The core area of BUGA 23 is the conversion area around the former Spinelli barracks. Once used by the German Wehrmacht as a pioneer barracks and after the Second World War by the US armed forces as a warehouse, Spinelli-Park stretches from the Aubuckel to the Käfertal district of Mannheim. BUGA 23 on the former military site is part of the northeast green corridor, which extends from Luisenpark across the Neckar to the Vogelstangseen. The aim is to dismantle the large barracks areas and to connect them to a continuous green corridor, which improves the microclimate and the fresh air supply in the surrounding districts in the long term.

From April to October 2023, Spinelli will host the social and cultural mega-event for Mannheim and the entire Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region: More than 5,000 events will take place over 178 days on the former Spinelli military grounds and in Luisenpark. In the course of BUGA 23, the Luisenpark will be extended by 3,000 square metres and a new park centre will be created in organic shapes. The first BUGA in Mannheim took place in Luisenpark in 1975. The two parks will be connected by a cable car that visitors can use to travel across the grounds.

BUGA 23 has a clear goal: it wants to be the most sustainable BUGA of all time.

In addition to attractive flower shows and garden landscapes, the exhibitions and events will focus on environmental and climate protection, resource-saving energy production and sustainable food security. With a clear focus on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, BUGA 23 wants to demonstrate solutions and create space for experimentation and research.

LAGI 2022 Mannheim Publication

A beautiful hardbound book featuring over 60 LAGI 2022 Mannheim submissions and essays by thought leaders will be published with Hirmer Publishing and launched at BUGA 23­ — the German National Garden Show.

See past LAGI publications here:

LAGI 2022 Mannheim Exhibition

LAGI 2022 submissions will be featured in an exhibition at BUGA 23 from April 2023 – October 2023.

LAGI 2022 Educational Game

We're working with Tunnel Monster Collective again! TMC worked with us to develop Regenerate! a cooperative resource management game that was produced for LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch. We'll be developing a dual language, unique game for ages 12+ that works with the themes of LAGI 2022 Mannheim.

LAGI 2022 Educational Programming

The LAGI team will give lectures and workshops at high schools and universities throughout Germany. Educators will be provided with the game for free for use in classrooms. If you would like us to visit your school please let us know!

LAGI 2022
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We're looking forward to sharing the results in the exhibition at BUGA 23!

In 2022 the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) and the German Federal Horticulture Show (BUGA 23) invited creatives around the world to design a unique work of art that uses renewable energy technology to support sustainable human thriving, supplying clean megawatt-hours to the City of Mannheim.

Following the September 4, 2022 deadline, the selection process will take place from
September – December of 2022. LAGI 2022 winners will be notified in December of 2022.

Shortlisted design entries will be featured in an exhibition at BUGA 23, the German Bundesgartenschau that will open in Mannheim in April of 2023 with attendance in the millions.

The First Place submission will receive a cash award of $30,000 USD.

The Second Place submission will receive a cash award of $10,000 USD.

One representative of each winning team will be flown to Mannheim in April 2023 for the award ceremony.

LAGI 2022 Mannheim Jurors

Dr. Peter Kurz
Lord Mayor of Mannheim

Michael Schnellbach

Dr. Heinz Ossenbrink
Former European Commission Joint Research Centre

Dr. Alessandra Scognamiglio
Architect, Senior Researcher at ENEA

Helen Turner
Artistic Director and Chief Curator, E-WERK Luckenwalde

Dr. Clark Miller
Professor; Director, Center for Energy & Society, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University

Marjan van Aubel
Solar Designer

Asha Singhal
Regenerative Designer, Hybrid Futures

Andreas Kipar
Landscape Architect
Co-Founder, CEO, and Creative Director LAND

Peter Slavenburg
Co-founder, NorthernLight

Karin Heyl
VP Social Engagement, BASF SE

About LAGI 2022 Mannheim

The LAGI 2022 Mannheim design challenge brings together a number of themes and ideas for inspiration.

Just as a garden is a productive landscape for nourishment that also brings us joy and pleasure, how can our productive landscapes for energy also bring joy and pleasure to our communities?

How can renewable energy be integrated in beautiful ways into the city so that it is not some cold and utilitarian technology, but is instead an indispensable accessory, a statement of creative expression that we all desire to experience?

At the same time, how can we make these new technologies accessible to everyone so that the benefits of energy democratization are equitably shared?

LAGI 2022 Mannheim will expand the realm of the possible using existing clean energy technologies to create beautiful, sculptural modules that can plug into the smart post-carbon city.

We are seeking proposals that can exist simultaneously across a variety of scales—variations for a residential context or for a civic space that use modular components or scalable solutions. The goal is to open a window onto a world beyond carbon where quality of life and social equity have been vastly improved as a consequence of the energy transition.