LAGI Open Call Competitions


The free and open LAGI international design competition provides an opportunity for creative minds around the world to reflect on the nature of energy infrastructures and what they can aspire to be in their built form. How can they integrate themselves into our cities in ways that enhance public space, educate, and inspire?

The thousands of global participants have made the project successful by presenting to the world over a thousand unique positive visions of our clean energy future.

  • Sites are chosen for their ability to provide a rich cultural and intellectual context for participating teams.
  • Each year we look forward to offering a unique, yet universally applicable typology that can be replicated within other similar conditions in other cities. The project has so far investigated urban gateways (2010), landfills (2012), brownfields (2014), coastal sites (2016), overlays onto a masterplan (2018), city portals (2019), rural desert (2020).
  • We work closely with the site owner and local stakeholders to develop a design brief that responds to the socioeconomic and cultural needs of the local site and that responds to the unique climate conditions.
  • Jurors are invited who will represent a mix between local community leaders and internationally-recognized professionals across many disciplines who bring a global design, arts, and science perspective.
  • Partnerships are established with universities, utilities, municipalities, and nonprofits in the host city and the region who provide project support and assist with design brief development.
  • For every competition there is a publication, multiple exhibitions and educational outreach events. The goal is to feature the innovative work of  the many talented interdisciplinary teams who participate.
  • In every case we create unique educational materials (often dual-language), and work closely with stakeholders and project partners to harness the conceptual beauty and message of these artworks and the sustainable technologies that they incorporate in order to engage young people in STEAM learning.
  • If you are interested in bringing a LAGI competition to your city please contact Elizabeth and Robert at







Explore the competition pages for details about the unique sites, submissions, competition winners, partners, supporters, and more.

The design brief for the LAGI design competition contains the following baseline requirements—the artwork is to capture energy from nature, cleanly convert it into electricity, and transform and transmit the electrical power to a grid connection point to be supplied by the city. Consideration could be made for the safety of the viewing public and for the educational activities that may occur on site. The design should be constructible (rather than theoretical), and it must respect the natural ecosystem of the design sites.

LAGI 2022

LAGI 2020
Fly Ranch

LAGI 2019
Abu Dhabi

LAGI 2018


LAGI 2016
Santa Monica

LAGI 2014

LAGI 2012
NYC Freshkills Park

LAGI 2010
Dubai/Abu Dhabi