Land Art Generator Educational Programming and Outreach


Education is fundamental to the Land Art Generator. The innovative and artful applications of sustainable technologies can spark the imaginations of young people and trigger curiosity in science, technology, engineering, and math. LAGI is a great example of STEM to STEAM and project-based learning. Through the process of designing their own land art generator, middle school and high school students show applied understanding of concepts like energy conversion efficiency, capacity factor, become familiar with using kilowatt-hours. At the same time they are applying knowledge of form, shape, color, and touching on aspects of urban planning and whole systems design. These are exactly the kind of skills that researchers tell us will be important for jobs in the twenty-first century.


LAGI provides workshops and programs ranging from a few hours to weeks-long Art+Energy camps and think tanks, working with people of all ages.


Contact us if you would like the LAGI to provide workshops for youth or adults, give a lecture on the aesthetics of renewable energy, facilitate an Art+Energy Camp, exhibition, or brainstorm a custom approach to engaging people with the design of their sustainable energy landscapes.