Land Art Generator

Solar Murals

LAGI directors are working with partners in several cities towards the design and implementation of Solar Murals.

These include Yakima WA, San Antonio TX, Oakland CA, and others.

The Solar Murals bring together people of all ages to design an artwork that will help to power a need to be determined, while celebrating local culture. With the advent of solar panel customization, art in public space stands ready for a revolution. In the near future, murals will be fabricated from photovoltaic panels as often as they are created with paints.

LAGI works with communities to:

  • Identify partners
  • Work closely with local artists and muralists
  • Budgeting
  • Identify ideal sites
  • Identify appropriate solar technology
  • Design process
  • Provide detailed fabrication drawings
  • Fabrication and installation

Please contact us to bring a Solar Mural to your community!

Email us at


Imagine a mural brought to life with the power of the sun!

Anything an artist can do in paint, they can now do in solar!