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Land Art Generator

We help public and private organizations meet their greatest potential as they plan, design, and implement new clean energy projects.

We’ll help you find creative ways to increase on-site renewables for sustainable building and site certifications. We can help you transform your community solar installation for your neighborhood or district into a cultural asset. We can support large energy services companies seeking greater community engagement or who would like to look into a 1% for the arts approach to utility-scale power purchase agreement projects. Land Art Generator design competitions bring forward innovations in sustainable design, and capture the imagination of the world.

We work with project partners to integrate the best practices of creative placemaking, urban design, and civic art into renewable energy projects.

Land Art Generator brings LEED accredited professional advice, and assists with green building and net-zero project certifications including LEED, BREEAM, Estidama, and the Living Building Challenge, by introducing new ways of problem solving for energy conservation, on-site generation, BIPV, and energy harvesting, all with an approach that places the design, public engagement, and user experience first.

The great energy transition is already underway. Over the next two decades we will see a rapid expansion of community energy projects and city planning initiatives for sustainable infrastructures in and around our towns and cities. By considering these projects from the start with a creative approach we can seize opportunities to increase livability, help drive economic development, and increase social equity. Energy projects can become public parks, civic artworks, and connect people to their energy and the environment.

Partners have included the State of Victoria in Australia, the City of Santa Monica, Masdar, Glasgow City Council, New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, the Capital Region of Denmark, and many local non-profits and community organizations around the world.




There are a number of ways in which we work.


  • Site-specific design challenges
    See past competitions
  • Consultation on policy and planning for energy districts and strategic plans for cities, parks, universities, and corporate campuses
  • Land Art Generator Solar Mural artworks
  • Community workshops
  • Masterplanning, invited competitions, and RFPs for regeneration and development projects
    See LAGI Glasgow as an example
  • Educational programs for youth or adults with the option of creating functioning community energy artworks through participatory design.
    See Art+Energy Camp 2015 for Pittsburgh
  • Public art commissions for clean energy
  • Public art consulting on new developments and revitalizations
  • Exhibitions of Land Art Generator artworks at conferences, design centers, galleries, and public places
  • Lectures on the aesthetics of renewable energy for universities and high schools
  • Workshops for communities, universities, high schools, government offices, and more...


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Cities and institutions can benefit from the economic efficiencies of combining public art and renewable energy infrastructure. The full spectrum of value and return on investment for new energy capital projects includes:


  • City Beautification:
    All of the traditional benefits of public art.
  • Education:
    Artworks provide places for visitors to learn about sustainable systems and to see renewable energy in action.

    The Land Art Generator is available to provide workshops and educational programs in your city.
  • Healthy Environment:
    CO2 emissions reduction results from the artwork construction.

    Beautiful new energy landscapes that are designed in collaboration with communities can help to tackle issues of spatial and social justice.
  • Healthy Communities:
    People coming together to support sustainable development.

    The public involved in the design process will feel a sense of pride and ownership of the installation and a stake in its long-term success.
  • Economic Development:
    Land Art Generator installations bring positive attention to sites and present site owners as leaders in sustainability.
  • Innovation:
    New business models for productive landscapes can lead to multiple revenue streams for community energy projects beyond just the sale of kilowatt-hours.

    Interdisciplinary collaboration drives technological creativity.
  • Electrical Generation:
    Land Art Generator installations have the potential to power thousands of homes with clean and renewable energy.