The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) aims to advance the popular acceptance of clean energy by integrating art and interdisciplinary creative processes into the conception of site-specific, solution-based public art interventions which also function as innovative renewable energy power plants.
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The consortium including Glasgow City Council, Scottish Canals, and BIGG Regeneration with the assistance of ecoartscotland  brought together overseas and Glasgow-based teams to research and develop site-specific Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) artwork concept proposals for Port Dundas. Port Dundas is a focus for urban regeneration with a strong creative dimension. LAGI Glasgow formed part of Glasgow’s Green Year 2015 and continued into 2016, Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture, and Design—engaging local communities as well as those interested in art and innovation in renewable energy.


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"Port Dundas is fast becoming a place for the pioneer. LAGI fits perfectly with this philosophy and demonstrates a truly innovative way of green energy and public art helping to shape a regeneration project from the start, whilst stimulating real debate amongst participants and project partners about the roles of architecture, art, urban design and planning."

— Chris Brown, Executive Chairman, igloo Regeneration